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WARRIOR WOMEN by Leslye Long

My new book, WARRIOR WOMEN is being written for all the women in the world who say they love God. Those married, unmarried or getting married, this is the manual we all wish we had before we got married and wish we had as a little girl so we would have really known what God meant for a woman to be. 

I'm humbled by this opportunity and journey and pray it helps us all to embrace the fight we were built for.  

Sign up for copies and the workbook. Luv, LL


Limited Editions 

Custom Van's 

Gym shoe 

We took the passion and vision and 
made it so you can wear it.  
Inspire yourself, a friend and others you love with a pair comfortable, washable, loveable and well made.
Zoe Love 
Limited Editions!

Place order or let's custom design a pair ! 

Adult sizes only


We're in a Film! 

 I'm excited to say several of my art pieces were chosen for its 1st film.

Although COVID has 

slowed down the festivals, 


You have worked at home ....

Let's fresh'n up that space! 

For over 20 years we've designed spaces and provided art for homes, schools, galleries, nonprofits, businesses and corporations through: 

  • Custom Art (to buy & rent)
  • Group Projects: Empowerment Art Projects
  • Design and Renovations
  • Business logos and flyers

We source quality items: from re-purposed furniture to custom builds. Hear from one of our clients:

​"Leslye's work is inspiring. She has a unique ability to connect well with the youth and to get them to produce something they did not know they had in them. Each day, I never had to worry about whether or not the students were on task or learning from the experience because when Leslye shows up to do something, she does it with the utmost integrity."

Director of Community Engagement Gwendolyn Brooks H.S., ​Dr. Bauer


United States

Logan Art Center: University of Chicago 

Chicago Mural: Keith Haring
Museum of Science and Industry
Aldo Castillo Gallery
Columbia College Chicago
By the Hand Club
Dr. Chalice Dental
Big Brothers Big Sisters Chicago
Private Buyers
Lurie's Children's Hospital
Gallery Bar Chicago
Gwendolyn Brooks High School
Circle Urban Ministries
Logan Art Center: University of Chicago
Manufacturing Renaissance
DePaul University
GoHard Ministries
Tracey Barbour Ministries


Wells International, Paris France


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